Are you planning for professional carpet cleaning but hesitating because it’s your first time and you do not what to expect? Or have you had your carpets cleaned before but was not happy with the service you got? If your answer is yes to any of the questions then this article is for you.

Here are 10 solid facts that you need to know about carpet cleaning.

1)      All carpet cleaners should do a pre-vacuum at the start of the carpet clean. This is because dry soils (dust and dirt) turn to mud when they combine with moisture in the cleaning process. Mud is heavier than dry dirt and is harder to remove. This means a thorough pre-vacuum is required to get the best possible result.

2)      Most stains should be removed in the general cleaning process. Some stains that contain tannins, dyes, acids or caustics may not come out in the general cleaning process and may require specialized stain removal treatment. Unfortunately, some stains just cannot be removed from carpet no matter what chemicals or cleaning processes are used.

3)      An acidic conditioning rinse should be used in the cleaning process. This is because almost all cleaning chemicals are alkaline in nature and an acid is required to balance out the cleaning products.

4)      Not all carpet cleaning services are the same. The results of a carpet cleaning service depend on the skill of the technician, the time taken on the job, the chemicals and equipment used.

5)      Carpet cleaning is not a regulated industry. Look for firms that are certified by the IICRC (International Institute for Cleaning and Restoration Certification), the primary training and accreditation body in the carpet cleaning industry

6)      The “wet-dog” smell that occurs when cleaning wool carpet is primarily caused by an off gas from the natural Sulphur in wool when wool gets wet. This is natural and dissipates when the carpet dries.

7)      Carpet cleaning does not remove the stain protection applied to carpets by the manufacturer or your carpet cleaner. Wear and tear is the primary reason for stain protection coatings breaking down. It is sometimes best to have a carpet protector such as e-Gard applied to the traffic areas on your carpet before your stain protector reaches the end of the warranty period to maintain the necessary level of stain protection.

8)      Carpets should be groomed after cleaning to ensure that they dry quickly and that the pile sits in the same direction (not falling to the side)

9)      Carpet cleaners are legally required to warrant their workmanship. If you are not happy with the carpet cleaning service provided, call the carpet cleaning company and they should offer to return to re-clean the carpet free of charge. If your carpet cleaner does not return to re-clean your carpet, then we suggest calling the Office of fair trading or equivalent in your state.

10)   Carpets that are regularly cleaned last longer and look better than carpets that are rarely cleaned. This is because cleaning helps remove the abrasive soils in your carpet pile that wear away at the carpet fibers when the carpet is walked on.

Quick Tip: Your carpet will look better, last longer and be healthier if you vacuum twice a week with a good quality vacuum.