With Christmas holidays fast approaching you must be thinking to clean your house and get it ready for the Christmas eve. Cleaning and restoring tile flooring is the foremost step you should opt before putting any Christmas decorations. Even if you have a well-maintained tile and grout, it becomes necessary to re-grout your tile floor. Don’t worry about your budget, instead relax knowing the cost to regrout the tile floor and the factors responsible for the cost.

Importance of Regrouting Tile Flooring

No matter what type of tile flooring you have i.e. ceramic or any other, regrouting enhance the overall look of your tiles. Professionals using new grout and silicone sealers, add 10 to 15 years into the life of the re-grouted area. Therefore, from eliminating nasty black mold causing respiratory issues to get back the shiny look of your tile floor, re-grouting is the ultimate choice. However, before jumping into the service it is essential you know the cost to re-grout tile floor. This blog will help you know the cost and factors associated with regrouting tile floor.

Cost To Regrout Tile Floor

Regrouting of tile flooring is not a tough job, but it takes time to accomplish it. The total cost to regrout the tile floor depends on the labor, materials, and supplies needed to execute the work. However, the cost is also base on the grout width and tile square footage. The cost can vary depending upon the states and level of grout damage. There are companies who include or exclude the material and labor taxes on the total cost sums. So, it is important to confirm with the tile and grout service provider about their estimation calculating process.

Approximately, if the grout joint size is 1/16” and square footage of tile is 60 sq.ft. then the total cost can be $116.70 to $255.45. On the other hand, if the grout joint size is 1/8″ and square footage of tile is same as above i.e. 60 sq.ft. then the approximate cost can be $137.69 to $339.47. These prices can vary according to the company policy, usage of materials and time taken to regrout the tile floor.

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