Tile re-grouting and sealing is an important part of maintaining an eye-catching tile surface, especially in areas such as showers, where there is a higher chance for grout becoming discolored. To cut down the task some people simply paint over the grout to correct the color.
If the grout is weakened and no longer waterproof, the ideal way is to re-grout it. If this process is not handled by the professionals such as Xtreme cleaning, there are a number of things that can go worse. Here are the 4 most common mistakes people make when they try DIY in re-grouting.

Uneven grouting:
The very common mistake done when re-grouting is spreading the grout unevenly in between the tiles, building hills and valleys. This creates a huge mess, ruins grouting job and the look of the tiled surface. The fact that grout shrinks as it dries makes this problem even harder to avoid. To create an even grout surface, make sure you pack grout into the joints, and wipe it with wet cloth or sponge.

As it is said, time is everything. It is vital to wait until the grout has settled before wiping the tiles clean, as premature wiping can result in gouges. However, don’t wait for long because potentially it may cause irreversible damage. Once done with the grouting process, make sure tiles and grout are given at least 24 to 72 hours for drying.

Mixing not done properly:
The most common mistake is adding incorrect amount of water to the grout, which leads to re-grouting job. Adding excessive water will make the grout runny on the tile and will not set properly while less water can make grout dry and will be ineffective. There are many grout brands available in the market; each brand of grout has its own instructions regarding how much water is to be added. So properly follow the instructions. Another mistake is not mixing the grout thoroughly, which can cause inconsistent coloring when it dries.

Excessive grout usage:
It is surprisingly easy to get caught up in the moment and use too much grout, without knowing it until the grout has set. If this situation occurs, it can be fixed up to a week later by repeatedly wetting, scraping, and chiseling the grout in order to file it and shape it. Although it is fixable mistake, it takes considerable time and effort to correct.
Tile re-grouting and sealing is time taking and complicated task. If you would rather avoid the hassle and mess of re-grouting by yourself, contact Xtreme cleaning today and take advantages of our professional re-grouting services.

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