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The Best Allergy Relief Services in San Marcos

Are you tired of suffering from allergies in your home? Did you ever wake up with sniffing morning and restless night of unrest? Try our allergy relief services, we can give a 100% satisfaction guarantee through home allergy cleaning in your home and let your body breath in a fresh and hygienic environment.

What is deep cleaning and why is it important?

Pet allergens and dust mites are found inside the property and are considered as the major reason for causing allergic disease. No matter how clean your house is, you can’t be eliminated or clean away dust mites. Studies show that 60% of the dust mites are found on the bed and you spend most of the time in the bedroom. That is the reason your bedrooms are on the top list of allergy treatment.

When you go for bedroom cleaning and treatment using an anti-allergen system, results are often seen within the first three days, and often during the first night! Just think to get a good night sleep tonight!

When the treatment is done with a professional technician, its gives great result and customer satisfaction. Our allergy treatment provides a residual effect up to six months. In the case of severe illnesses or challenging conditions, treatment may be required every three months.  

Our Allergy Relief Cleaning Services

Having a professional cleaning of your carpets, tile & grout cleaning, house, water damage restoration can help you to get rid of dust mites and pollutants. As a certified carpet cleaning company.

Our Carpet Cleaning Services Guarantees 100% Allergy Relief

We promise to deliver you the best and satisfied services with 100% allergy relief.

For immediate service and a deep, healthy clean, call Xtreme Cleaning professionals at 760-613-8546.

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