Bedbugs are minute insects that can creep into your household furniture, attire or bedding and keep you restless and up all night.

The prevalence and infestation of these tiny creatures are increasing over time; there is a dire need to control it.

Professional pest control and removal services ensure that you can catch up the bed bugs crawling into your bedding.

Where Do These Bed Bugs Hide?

Bed bugs usually catch you off guard; they usually enter your home through the most unavoidable sources. These include them clinging on to your clothing or coming in unnoticed with your luggage or shoes and infesting your couches and beds.

Their natural flat body makes them fit into tiny spaces which makes it all the more easier for them to escape the human eye.

Bed bugs live in groups, unlike bees or ants who have their nests to hide in. They usually feed on human blood at night when they’re fast asleep. Hence their usual hideouts are bed frames, headboards, box springs and mattresses so that they can crawl out at night stealthily.

With time, this infestation may cover neighbouring rooms or these creepy crawlies may get into any opening or crevices where they get shelter.

Signs of Bed Bugs Around

If by any chance you are suffering from these symptoms it means yes. Bed bugs are around.

  • You are constantly faced with itching problems.
  • Your bedding may have spots of blood on them.
  • Brown spots are also proof of their presence as it is from their excrement.
  • Where there are a group of bedbugs, a sweet almond smell often generates.