Why to Waste Time in House Cleaning Yourself?

House cleaning always takes a significant amount of time. Besides that, usually that time is your relaxing time on weekend, which you have to give it for your house cleaning. [...]

Mold Prevention Tips For Future

Ventilation is most important for preventing mold growth in bathroom in your future, as mold is encouraged by the moist areas. If you have a built-in extractor fan in the bathroom, turn it on during your shower [...]

How Clean is Your Carpet?

Are you thinking about skipping carpet cleaning this year, hold on and think again? Your carpet can hold up to four times its weight in dirt. Carpets catch all sorts [...]

How To Make Workplace More Hygienic?

Employees at your office are suffering from cough, sneezes and throat clearing at the moment? Cold and flu have been wildfire this year, with 2018 proving to be one of [...]

Tips to Make Your Home Sparkling Clean Using Baking Soda

Throw away all those lethal chemicals you are using to clean your home. There are luckily many natural cleaning agents, which will remove grease and grime! Baking soda can handle [...]

Flood Damage or Water Damage?

Flood damage or water damage isn’t a problem that homeowners deal with very often. Unlike “regular” service like a plumber or carpet cleaner, it’s fortunately very rare when you need [...]

Odor Removal Tips by Xtreme Cleaning

It doesn’t matter if it is trash smell, pet smell or a mildew smell. Odors can wreak havoc on one’s nose and trust me they are unbearable. Commercial deodorizers can [...]

4 common mistakes made during DIY in Tile Re-grouting and Sealing

Tile re-grouting and sealing is an important part of maintaining an eye-catching tile surface, especially in areas such as showers, where there is a higher chance for grout becoming discolored. [...]

Oriental rug cleaning Mistakes to be avoided

Homeowners spend a lot of money on oriental rugs because it is a room statement piece. Oriental rugs can complement furniture, given the space character and some use to hide [...]

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