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We will do all we can to help you with dog & cat urine odor removal.

Are you having a problem with overwhelming bad smells left by your pets? Odor removal can be a simple and quick procedure if you hire the right company and use the right equipment. Why do not give us a call today for pet odor removal in San Marcos and all surrounding cities? We will be able to get rid of the smells for good, and make your home feel clean and new again. Give us a call today to discuss prices and estimates!

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Why People Choose To Hire us For Odor Removal

If you have bad pet odor problems in your house, sometimes air freshener will not do the trick. It will, more often than not, end up mixing with the smell and become even more overpowering. The best way to get rid of bad smells leftover from your pets is to hire us for professional pet odor removal in San Marcos.

Pet urine odor removal services

The best method to get rid of bad pet smells is to use something called an ozone generator. What is great about Ozone is that it is very effective at getting rid of smells. Rather than having to buy this expensive piece of machinery yourself, you can hire us, and we can do the job for you! We will be careful to cover all your furniture and other things to protect them from the ozone generator. After only a short time, you will notice a dramatic decrease in the bad smells in your home. Xtreme cleaning cleaners have years of experience in ridding home odors from even the most difficult to find location

Which Cleaning Method We Use?

We provide both steam and dry cleaning for all carpets. Steam and dry cleaning methods are also used to clean mattresses and upholstery. In fact, all the items that are often home to dust, food particles, fungi and bacteria and common causes or odors.
Give us a call today and we will use only the best and most effective cleaning strategies. We will do all we can to help you with dog & cat urine odor removal in San Marcos and all surrounding cities.

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