Stone Restoration San Marcos

Stone restoration means enhancing your home decor. Choosing professional stone restoration service you can improve the aesthetic appeal of your home.


Stone Restoration San MarcosMarble is known as a metamorphic rock composed of Calcite materials i.e. recrystallized carbonate minerals like crystalline calcium carbonate or calcium magnesium carbonate. These minerals have been subjected to high temperatures and pressures, resulting in different marbles. From Calacatta, Carrara, Breccia, Limestone, Cultured, Honed to Sand, all are the types of renowned marbles. It is extensively used for sculpture, building material or for many other purposes. Hence, marble is the most multipurpose material when it comes to its usage.

The marble with impurities such as iron oxides, bituminous material or clay minerals has different colors including yellow, bluish, gray, pink, or black. On the other hand, marble with high purity is in a bright white color. Being composed of Calcite minerals, marble is one of the best acid neutralization materials. Also, it scores on three at Mohs scale of mineral hardness as a result marble is easy to carve to create beautiful sculptures. Most importantly, it can also be polished to a high luster. As a result, it allows to cut and used for floor tiles, window sills, facing stone, columns and much more.


GraniteGranite is an igneous rock (in Latin known as granum or grain) which makes up 70-80% of earth’s crust. It is formed of interlocking crystals of quartz, feldspar, amphiboles and other minerals. Generally, granite contains 10-50% quartz (semi-transparent white color) and 65-90% of total feldspar (pinkish or white hue color). This composition of minerals and their modifications provide granite numerous colors and textures. From Santa (St.) cecilia, Uba tuba, Kashmir white, Venetian gold, Giallo ornamental, Tan Brown, Baltic Brown to a Black Pearl, all are the granite types. It is usually observed in granite kitchen countertops and used in many other purposes.

Being the hardest stone, granite holds wear and tear well. Also, it is susceptible to acidic substances such as alcohol, lemon juice, vinegar or tomato sauce. As a result, granite is preferable to use in a high traffic area like a kitchen. Additionally, granite is also heat resistant, scratch resistant and easy to maintain. Based on these properties of granite, it is known as the best material for building construction. Overall, granite is the only natural stone which has been used for many years in both interior and exterior projects.  


18_3Being the sedimentary rock i.e., rock initiated at or near the earth’s surface, limestone is composed mainly of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) such as calcite or aragonite. Other small particles present in limestone includes iron carbonate, pyrite, quartz, feldspar, and clay. The presence of calcium carbonate in the limestone provides it a property which is used for rock identification. Depending on the appearance, composition and other factors, different names are used of the limestone such as chalk, coquina, fossiliferous, lithographic, oolitic, travertine and tufa.

Limestone is a rock which has a wide range of uses. It is used in the form of crushed stone as a construction material for road base or railroad ballast. Other important uses of limestone include roofing granules, flux stone, Portland cement, aglime, lime, animal feed Filler, and mine safety dust. On the other hand, it is widely used in the homes as the flooring option. Limestone is the natural and beautiful choice for creating a stunning atmosphere in any property and also the safest stone to work with.


18_4Terrazzo is the composite material which has been popular for a number of years. It is made up chips of marble, glass, quartz, granite, or other stone and tie up together with concrete or epoxy-resin binder. In order to have a smooth surface, terrazzo is ground and polished. It is one of the favorite options for homeowners when it comes to flooring. Installation of terrazzo tile in your home can really enhance the beauty of the room. It has lots of benefits but as it said every coin has a flip side, it has few drawbacks; they are expensive if compared to other flooring options and this is not a DIY task until you go with the readymade terrazzo tiles.

Working with the real terrazzo, a professional is needed to complete the job because of its highly specialized process, which can cost a big amount of money. When the installation process starts, firstly, a layer of concrete is poured, secondly and on that one more layer is poured of sandy concrete, and lastly, the mixture of stone or glass chip is added. The chips are to be designed properly on the concrete so it looks good and after that, and everything to ensure smoothness. Then a finish coat is applied, followed by polish. All in all, this is really not something that can be done by yourself, it needs some experience.


Stone Restoration San MarcosTravertine is a natural stone (a type of limestone) produced by the precipitation of calcium carbonate. It is not the same as Limestone, Granite, or Marble which is categorized in metamorphic rock. A metamorphic rock is a rock which has sustained in various pressure and heat. The important thing about travertine stone you need to know is the holes within the stone are caused by Co2 bubbles in the mixture as it is set.  

It is also available in the tile form and comes in a mixture of earth tones colors, including tans, browns rust, and beige hues. As every natural stone needs some specific maintenance requirements, and it is not suitable for every location. But it is properly installed and maintained it can give a unique combination of mountain-born beauty to your room. However, this stone has some drawbacks such as it expensive, installation of travertine becomes difficult because it is heavy by nature. The most difficult is its complicated maintenance.