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Xtreme Cleaning has plenty of experience in cleaning a wide variety of homes and a wide variety of surfaces and objects.

If you are feeling like your home is dirty and needs a serious, thorough cleaning, then it might be a good idea to hire a company for cleaning services in San Marcos and all surrounding cities. You may think you can handle the cleaning job yourself, but you might get surprised how dirty a home will get. We can clean everything, from tiles to hardwood and furniture. We will make your home feel like new again by giving it the most thorough cleaning you can get.

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Xtreme Cleaning has plenty of experience in cleaning a wide variety of homes and a wide variety of surfaces and objects. We know exactly how to clean every surface, and we can help you avoid common mistakes. which might cause you to damage your sensitive surfaces, such as hardwood flooring. Special chemicals and special cleaning techniques must use for these sensitive areas.
In hardwood flooring you cannot use typical cleaning chemicals such as bleach or ammonia based cleaners. They will ruin your flooring beyond repair. You also have to be careful with what kind of vacuum you use. If you use a vacuum with a beater bar, you could also damage your floor. We will be able to guide you through every step of hardwood flooring maintenance. We will suggest you the essential information you need to make sure your flooring stands the test of time.
Xtreme cleaning offer the best tile and grout cleaning service in San Marcos. We use advanced equipment, high-tech machinery as well as safe cleaning products to suit every type of floor surface. Our machinery can operate on low to high pressures and temperatures making it suitable for all types of tile, grout, and natural stone.
Each tile & grout will require a different chemical solution, different operating pressure, and temperature in order for optimum results to be achieve. Xtreme cleaning technicians are certified and trained to work with every type of tile and grout in the industry delivering the best possible results on time, every time.
We understand all your tiles, grout problems, and provide you with the best solutions to bring your tiles and grout back to its best conditionContact us now to schedule an appointment and do not hesitate to call 7606138546 or use our online enquiry form to get a free quote.