Have you ever faced a water damage at your home? No, then you are lucky enough but are you aware of what you should do when such situation arrives. In case to rescue from water damage, the best thing one could do is call a water restoration company. The first forty-eight hours of a water damage event are when most of the damage to your home will occur. The longer the water stays in an area, it becomes more expensive to repair. Some types of water damage also occur when they stay away from the radar for long. Sometimes you will find that mold occurs from water damage assembled overtime if your home has a leaking problem. This is a very common problem faced by the people, this happens because of poor ventilation in your bathrooms, or if you have a leaking roof.

The given scenarios are given that mold from water damage can occur and affect your home that may trigger health issues to your family members. A serious problem could be moisture water damage and could be difficult to get rid of as it spreads like spiders web which will lead to mold. Similarly, due to this breathing problems occurs because of the mold spores in the atmosphere. Meanwhile, moisture can also make it more difficult to heat your home as the water will steal heat from the walls it comes into contact with. If your walls reach ‘dew point temperature’ then they can be very difficult to heat. All in all, this can be a hazardous issue and can create a situation where you find difficult to deal with.

Let’s see how do professionals deal with the situation when you call them to rescue from water damage:

*Imposes the range of water damage: This consist of inspection of water damaged area. During the inspection, the bordering areas of the affected area are also checked. The weird thing about water damage is that it can seep into verge regions and can be pass unnoticed until experts investigate the area.

*Then the water damage professionals will remove the standing water from the surface. In this process, they use high-tech machines called as water extraction pumps and water vacuums that suck the water up. Water removal is a most painful job. As it’s a race against the clock, the longer the water resides, the more damage it is doing to the structure.

*The next step can be started after the water is been removed. The drying process is done at the wet area by removing humidity from all the standing water out. The drying process is done with the help of industrial air movers and large fans. The fans and air movers circulate the air and speed up the drying process.

*The hindmost step is when the water damage removal company starts the restoration process. This process involves the removal of damaged carpets. This step is also the barometer for a successful restoration job. It shows the results of the job done by the professional, it will show whether the water damage restoration company was able to restore the space to its pre-water damage condition.

At Xtreme cleaning, all the employee are specially trained to deal such situations. We have worked for many people in San Marcos and made many satisfied customers. Customer satisfaction and customers trust are our main motto. We provide water damage restoration services in San Marcos and surrounding areas.

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