With frequently changing weather where storms become more intense, the potential for water damage increases. Your entire area has to deal with moisture problems. Unattended moisture leads to mold growth. Exposure to moldy environments may cause you a variety of health issues. In this situation, it is important to take effective steps on how to prevent mold after water damage.

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Tips on how to prevent mold after water damage

If your property has been affected by water damage to your home after a storm or flooding, you have roughly a 72-hour window to prevent the growth of mold. Consider these tips and enjoy a mold-free home environment.

  1. Dry Surfaces Prone to Mold Growth

To prevent mold growth, dry the surfaces immediately. According to the professionals, try to clean and dry the areas affected by water within 48 hours. This surely helps you prevent mold growth. Also, it is suggested to switch-off all electrical supplies avoid any fire accidents.

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  1.  Prevent Moisture with Proper Ventilation

Apart from cleaning and drying surfaces, it is also important to have proper ventilation in your home. Moreover, this prevents moisture, leading to mold growth in your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry increase moisture level. Open the window or run an exhaust fan to prevent this moisture.

  1.  Remove all Damaged Materials

If the materials affected by water are wet and are not completely dried, then remove them from your building. Replace these materials with a new one which is more mold resistant. Water damage also affects the fiberglass. This is because dirty water gets into the cavity where mold growth occurs. Therefore, if you have wet insulation, then replace it with mold-resistant insulation.

Here’s How To Prevent Mold After Water Damage With The Help of Professional

Want to get back to normal life as quickly as possible after water damage strikes your home? Get the help of professional water damage restoration experts to get rid of mold growth and prevent it.

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