Mold formation can occur at any place in your home. The cause, size, location and the damage level of this mold formation will vary. Because of these factors, the mold removal cost also varies. You can clean the small size mold at your home, but the large molds require professional guidance. The mold removal service cost depends on the 4 factors listed below.

4 Mold Removal Cost Factors

1. Size of the mold

The bigger is the size of the mold, higher is the cost for its cleaning. In small areas like crawl spaces of your home, mold removal can cost around $500. When you need to remove mold from the entire attic then it will cost around $4000.

2. Mold location

If the mold develops near heater, ventilation and AC systems, then these devices need special cleaning. The cost to remove mold from HVAC systems can be between $4000 – $6000. While the cost to clean the fabrics of carpet and remove mold can be around $2000.

Mold Checkup

3. Cause of mold

The cause of mold can also differentiate the cost factor. If there’s a flood because of septic tank failure then the mold caused in such a situation needs good testing and cleaning process. It ranges between $10,000 to $20,000 for cleaning and testing the mold.

4. Damage occurred due to mold

The damage caused by the mold decides the cost. The leakage pipe can also form mold inside it. This can lead to damage of other inner areas also. Any damage cleaned along with the affected area can increase the cost up to $5000 or more. The professional techniques are needed to restore molds formed during water damage situation, so the cost goes higher.

Finally, the mold removal cost varies from $500 to $4000 based on various factors listed above.

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