Frequently Asked Question By Our Visitors

Q1: Which Method Do You Use?

We use hot water extraction, it is commonly known as steam cleaning. Xtreme Cleaning’s steam cleaning method can remove the toughest and deepest stains easily. The combined solution of hot, soft water, and specialized formulated cleaning solution is deeply penetrated into the carpet fibers. After that, a powerful suction is done which removes the dirt, allergens, cleaning solution and 95 of the moisture. It is one of the best methods if you are looking for deep cleaning. Manufactures and experts of the industry recommend hot water extraction method for carpet, rug, or upholstery cleaning.

Q2: Is it Vital to Be Present When Technicians Clean My Carpet?

If you want you can, it is not necessary, it’s your choice. Our most of the customers feel free to leave their home on our cleaning professional unattached while they work. Normally, customers will meet the cleaning staff when they arrive at the cleaning location. If you are comfortable with the cleaning in your absence you can leave your keys to your neighbors, friends or relatives to give entry to the cleaners.

Q3: Do I Have to Shift My Furniture Before The Cleaning Technicians Arrive?

Our cleaning staff usually moves items such as chairs, tables, and sofas. Some furniture such as pianos, beds or any other heavy or delicate items can be moved are not usually included in the estimated prize and need to be shifted before the cleaning staff arrives. It is always advisable that you move all the small and fragile items before the cleaning team arrives.  

Q4: How Do You Guarantee Customer Satisfaction

Our staff is always happy to help you out in any situation that may arise. In some cases, this can mean spot cleaning specific areas of concern or even completely re-cleaning the area in question. All in all, we are not satisfied with our work until you are.

Q5: How Much Experience Do You Have?

Xtreme cleaning head staff has 20 years of experience. But when we recruit we make sure each of the professionals has at least 5 years of experience in the carpet cleaning industry.

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