Tips to Finding a Reliable House Cleaning Company near You:

Keeping up with your daily duties especially if you have a full time job can be hectic. It is in such situations that you should consult the services of a house cleaning company. That is where we come in. We, at Xtreme Cleaning are that company that will clean on your behalf and also do a great job. However, with so many companies available today, getting a reliable team of cleaners may not be a walk in the park. So, why don’t we look at some of the things to consider getting that reliable house cleaning company near you?

Start with an online search

It is now much easier to find information regarding local companies through the web. So why don’t you start by creating a list of deep home cleaning companies in your area? Visit every agency on your list and check out the services and cleaning deals on offer. Narrow down to companies you think can clean your property to your satisfaction. So if you want your kitchen and bathroom clean, the information you will get online will guide you on the right company to choose.

Read reviews

When you have narrowed down your list of cleaning agents, it is now important that you go through customer reviews. The testimonials provided on the cleaning firm’s web page are not always enough to make a judgment. All companies will always post good testimonials to get more clients. So if you are looking for a sofa cleaning service, make sure you locate a review posted by a client who had his/her sofa cleaned in the past by the same company. As far as we are concerned, Xtreme Cleaning has hundreds of positive online reviews that can eliminate your doubts.

Get quotations

You should phone each house cleaning company on your list and get a cleaning quote. Since your list is now down to reliable house cleaning companies near you, you can choose the agency that offers the most competitive price in the market. We do free written quotations and offer the best price on the market.

Set a trial period

Now that you have a company in mind, it is important that you try a test period before enrolling for an extended cleaning agreement. If they are carpet cleaners, let them clean small pieces of carpets at home and check the results. You can then go ahead and hire them for more work if you are satisfied with the results, if not, use the same tactic with another company. Our company – Xtreme Cleaning, guarantees you great results. Call Now for free quote: 760-613-8546