It feels great when you have a sparkling clean house when you enter back home from a hectic day. Hiring professional house cleaning services can help you achieve a clean and fresh home environment. House cleaning service checklist contains mopping floors, making spotless windows, dusting bookshelves, and many more. But do you know how much does the actual house cleaning service cost?

In this article, you will know how much do professionals charge for house cleaning services.

House Cleaning

How Much You Need to Pay for Professional House Cleaning?

On average, the hourly rate of housecleaning services ranges from $25 to $45. Usually, professional house cleaners charge in two ways: hourly and by the square foot.

Here in San Marcos, usually professionals consider square foot rates for the first time cleaning. In this, they will decide the time required to clean the areas and the total number of rooms. Their final house cleaning charge may include the number of people cleaning your space.

The more frequently you hire a professional for house cleaning in a month, the lower the rates they may charge you per visit. Often if the cost may be between $5 to $10 per clean. Moreover, there are some professional house cleaning companies who offer a discount when you have signed a long-term contract with them.

Additional Charges In House Cleaning 

If you need deep cleaning services in an area because you have a family member who is sensitive to allergies, then expect to pay more.

There are some cleaning companies that charge you in advance and confirm with you what it requires. While other cleaners will ask you anything you want on hand when they reach your house. The overall house cleaning service cost will increase if you demand that the professionals use only eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

They may also charge you extra for a task like a wall cleaning, window cleaning, or cleaning the oven. Whether you hire individual cleaners or professional companies, both will provide you value for your investment.

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Hire Professional House Cleaning Services

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