If you’re scrupulous about keeping your carpets stain-free and tidy, you are very much aware of the benefits of a professional carpet cleaning services. However, sad to say that carpet-cleaning scam artists try to take advantage of homeowners with high-pressure sales and tactics.

If you are in search of a professional carpet cleaning team, become familiar with the process and watch out for these two common carpet cleaning scams.

The “Remarkably Low Prices” Scam

This one is very common, you’ll hear this one from the salesperson who comes to your door, claiming to offer the best and lowest price in the city. They might tell you about the competitors offers or gives you fliers that show what other companies charge. In reality, the person at your door is getting a commission for the number of sales he or she makes. If you agree to the rates, the salesperson will leave and a professional will come after a couple of days.

Once they are in, the rates will increase. With reasons like you have thicker than average carpet, your rooms are bit bigger than usual, or there are certain types of stains on your floor. Regardless of what you initially agreed to, the price suddenly spirals out of control, and you pay for services you don’t need or want at all.


Never agree on anything that has door-to-door sales, especially if the salesman or women tells you to have a limited time offer. Always pre-confirm with the company by calling them.  

The Deep Surface Cleaning Scam

This trick is occasionally used by the reputed carpet cleaning companies, though sometimes they don’t do it on purpose. It all begins innocently enough; you contact a carpet cleaning company. Asking them to come and do an estimate. You agree to a time and allow the uniformed employee to comes in. Then you leave the house relying on the professionals, but after a few days, you find that your stains return within, and none of the surfaces see clean. Particularly, what happened?

There can be two possibilities. First, your contractor may have faulty or unprofessional equipment, which did not push enough water in or suck enough out. It is also possible that the contractor didn’t give his full effort to clean your carpet, instead of doing only a quick surface before packing up and moving on to the next job.


To avoid such scams, do proper research. Read reviews of local companies on trusted sites like Angie’s List or Yelp and ask your carpet cleaning professional for references. Make a call on the number provided and ask for honest opinions.

What Things to be Considered When looking for a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

When you are hiring a carpet cleaning company, make sure to get a specific rate per room or per square foot. Also, ask about the preferred carpet cleaning method. Ask if there’s an extra charge for moving the furniture; many companies will only clean the open area and may charge you extra to move the furniture for cleaning. Also, check for if there is any license permit, confirm the company has the license to run the business.

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