Are you looking for answers on how to clean carpet stain? What are the safe and basic carpet cleaning products? How to clean a pet stain from the wool carpet? How much does it cost?

It is quite obvious to have such questions in mind when you have a wool carpet at your home. So, you will make sure to do everything to preserve the beauty of the wool carpet. That’s why hiring a professional carpet cleaner to browse the perfect way to use eco-friendly solutions is the smartest decision you could make for your carpet.

Wool carpets are costly as compared to other types of carpet. They have many natural characteristics such as crush resistance, resilience, and durability, that other carpets do not have. Moreover, they are moderately resistant to stains like foot traffic, spills, dirt, and dust. With regular cleaning, you can maintain the color and cleanliness of your wool carpet. But how do you clean a wool carpet eco-friendly cleaning solutions? Here is the surefire guide from your local area carpet cleaning company!

Steps On How to Clean Carpet in an Eco-friendly Way


Step 1

First, start with vacuuming the carpet. Make it a habit of vacuuming at least twice a week to remove any loose surface dust. It is very important to remove dust particles before they go deeper into your carpet and scratch your wool carpet fibers.

Step 2

Over time, fibers of the wool carpet tangle up and form a hard surface. Moreover, sprouting occurs when a tuft of wool rises above the pile of your area carpet. Hence, it is wise to trim off any pills or sprouts. You can use scissors to cut the carpet.

Step 3

Once the trimming is done, deep clean your wool carpet. To make an eco-friendly wool carpet cleaning solution you need to mix 1 tsp. of gentle laundry detergent in a bucket of cold water. Then apply the cleaning solution to the soiled area using a clean, white cloth. Now blot the area and allow it to dry. Repeat the process until the stain goes.

Step 4

When you apply a green carpet cleaning solution leave it for some time and then rinse the stain spot using cold water. Now cover the area with a stack of paper towels and again allow carpet to dry completely. Brush the pile into the place.

Are You Looking For Green Cleaning For Your Wool Carpets?

Most of the wool carpet needs deep and green cleaning at least once a year to get rid of ground-in soils and hard stains. Here, you can hire professionals who can solve all of your questions on how to clean carpet in an eco-friendly way.

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