Stains on floors, tiles in your home occur due to hard water, toxic water minerals, grease, oil, different liquids, etc. This stain makes your neat tiled floor area look filthy. 

One important point is to try avoiding harmful chemical cleaners on your house tiles for their white clean finishing. You can find many other natural home remedies that will do good cleaning without harming your grout.

How to clean stained grout using household techniques is a tricky process without proper guidance. You can try the steps given below at your home.

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Steps for Cleaning Stained Grout easily at your comfort zone:

1. Simply spray the plain warm water between the grout lines and then clean them with a stiff-bristled brush. Try to scrub in a circular motion to have a good effect and after cleaning allow the area to dry.

2. A baking soda method includes a paste formation. Firstly take ½ cup baking soda in a small bowl, add 4-5 drops dawn liquid in it then stir well. Now slowly add hydrogen peroxide till it becomes a fine thick paste. 

Apply this paste between the grout lines with help of toothbrush as shown in below fig. Allow that paste to dry for 5 min and then rinse the area with warm water.

3. You can cover the grout lines through baking soda + water and then spray the vinegar solution on this mixture. After the mixture stops foaming, start scrubbing gently through brush and rinse with plain water.

4. Use oxygenated bleach for tougher stains and sooty grout. You will find this cleanser in powdered form and many brands like Oxiclean, Clorox Oximagic sell it. 

After applying oxygen bleach solution on grouts allow it to stay for 10-15 min. Then rinse it with clean water. As shown in fig. below the difference between two portions of the floor using this solution.


5. In extreme cases for untidy grout use a chlorine bleach solution. But before using chlorinated bleach, remove all previous solutions especially vinegar solution. Chlorine and vinegar solution mixture will form a highly poisonous chlorine gas within surrounding air. 


Don’t use this toxic cleaner on a daily basis as it may erode your grout completely. As shown in above fig. Clorox clean-up spray is used for grout cleaning on tiles. After spraying solution scrubs the grout lines in a round manner.

If you are searching for perfect cleaning techniques to remove stains from grout, then surely this one is suitable for you. Xtreme Cleaning Services is providing professional grout stain removal services for over 20 years.

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