It is impossible to avoid urine stains on your carpet when you have a dog. Fresh dog pee is easy to remove from a carpet compared to dried urine stains. This is because old pee gets soaked into the padding and dry. So, how to get dried dog pee out of carpet? The answer is pretty simple. It’s a three-stage process. 

dog urine on carpet
First, identify the dried urine stains. After that, remove dried urine. Finally, apply homemade pet odor neutralizer to eliminate the urine smell. These are the basic steps on how to remove old urine stains from carpet. Let us observe these steps in detail! 

Steps On Removing Dried Dog Urine from Carpet 

Step 1 

use uv black light to identify the urine spot

To identify the old dog pee, you can use a UV black light. Also, ensure that the area you are finding for urine stains is dark to identify the spots quickly. You will find black light online or at any hardware and pet stores. It is by far the best way to find the dried urine stains. 

Step 2

how to remove dog urine stain out of carpet

Sprinkle undiluted white vinegar or enzymatic cleaner on the dog pee until it goes through the pad. Left the carpet to dry completely. The urine odor will vanish as it dries. 

Tip: Do not use a steam cleaner as the heat from the machine set in urine stains permanently on the carpet. 

Step 3

baking soda on old dog urine

Sprinkle baking soda over the spot and cover it completely. Baking soda is the fine agent used to soak urine from the carpet. It leaves your carpet freshly smell and healthy. 

Step 4

rubing the urine stain surface
Make the mixture taking 1 cup and add in it 3 percent hydrogen peroxide and 1 tsp. Dish soap. spread it over the stain and rub it using a clean rag. Let it dry for at least 1 to 2 hour. 

Step 5 

vacuum the urine stain area

At the final stage, vacuum over the old dog pee stain to take away all the powdery residue.

The End Result

You will get clean, odor-free, and healthy carpet areas considering these steps. Now you don’t have to leave with old urine stains on the carpet; These tips are the solution on how to get dried dog pee out of the carpet. In case you are looking for professional help, Xtreme Cleaning is the pet odor removal company you can rely on. Serving pet odor and stain removal in San Marcos for years, we provide you with a safe and healthy home environment.

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