Employees at your office are suffering from cough, sneezes and throat clearing at the moment? Cold and flu have been wildfire this year, with 2018 proving to be one of the most contagious on record. Particularly, it has caused many thousands of US workers to call in sick and spend days with their heads under the blankets.

Keeping your office as bacteria free as possible should be main priority for any business owner. The health and safety of your staff is your responsibility, after all. However, it is not just maintaining standard, which is important. Keeping your office work army healthy, productive and on the job is a prime concern for any business, so reducing sick leave is paramount. This article gives you tips for how to make workplace more hygienic.

How to get hygienic?

Do you want to keep your employees as healthy as possible during flu season? Applying policies that prevent unwell colleagues from coming to office. It is to better to miss office for one day than missing a whole month.

However, good health policies are not the only steps you can take to keep your office in fine fettle. There are many small particle steps; you can take to help cut down on the spread of germs.

Here is how to reduce sickness with smarter cleaning.

  1. Always keep your kitchen clean

The kitchen is the place where hands and mouths come into the most contact. If you are making lunch in the microwave, you may leave a used spoon on the side while your meal heats. After multiple uses, this area will become a breeding ground of different bacteria.

If one person is carrying anything nasty, it could very quickly spread from your workplace kitchen. Ensure antibacterial surface wipes are readily available and encourage employees to wipe down any surface or equipment they use immediately. You should also properly clean the kitchen countertop after you use it.

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  1. Clean your keyboards

We all know that our hands are one of the worst offenders when it comes to collecting and spreading germs. So it makes sense that keyboard are often full of nastiness. Encourage your staff to wipe the keyboards with an antibacterial wipe after use.

Arrange for regular deep cleanse of this daily technology to keep surface as possible – especially in workplace where equipment is shared of this “everyday technology” to keep surfaces as germ free as possible.

  1. Spotless Bathroom

The bathroom is another hot spot for germ transmission. So arranging a daily cleaning of these areas are vital, especially when it comes to think taps and door handles. Using hygienic equipment such as sanitary bins, antibacterial soap, surface, and wipes are destocked in your bathroom that will help the employee to keep safes germ free by their own. However, professional cleaning is essential to removing all traces.

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