Flooding is a natural disaster and comes unexpectedly you could only do is take precautions when you get an alert from the weather forecast. Flood is really a difficult situation to handle and causes destruction on large scale. This destruction can be both financial and non-financial. It may also give some physical injuries and take human lives. In this situation, you need to follow simple rules to control the damage, as this situation cannot avoided completely. Awareness of what to do in such a situation is extremely important. Here are some important things to do after flood.

1. Electricity:
Make sure that no live wire is broken and fallen on the ground due to flood. In that case, call for help through electricity board to cut off the electricity and clear up the area.
Avoid stepping on water on the ground, which caused due to flood because it may have live wire and that could be hazardous for you. Flood boots will help you to move out of your house and help others if you and your family are in safe conditions. Try not to use any of the electrical boards around you that you may feel have the slightest chance of being exposed to the flood because the wetness can be very destructive.

2. Eatables:
Only use food that is in sealed cans and that to rinsing them properly in boiled water. Throw rest of the food that might have been expose to floodwater.
Use boiled water for drinking because the municipal or private water supply might have be contaminated by the floodwater and the sewage water.

3. Your home:
Take snaps of your home before trying to take care of the damage for your insurer. Do not try to arrange or settle wooden things because they can break. Put wooden boards on windows and make sure that you take pictures of that as well so that you can show your insurer that you did everything possible. If you are not feeling safe at the house due to its habitation, do not risk you and your family member’s life and move to a safer location.

4. Health:
The most important thing is your health. Therefore, the thing you need to do is to decide whether you have been exposed to the floodwater because this water has, lethal bacteria’s that can harm you create a critical condition for your health. Its better you go and consult a doctor and take proper medicine, as a said precaution is better than cure.

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