From marble, travertine, onyx to slate, all are the exclusive addition to the list of natural stones. They add a touch of elegance to your entire home ambiance beginning with entrance hallway, kitchen counters, bathroom vanity to the fireplace. This notifies the importance of natural stone care and maintenance in our lives.

Over time, these porous natural stones become dull and have tiny cracks caused by chemicals cleaners or acid-based foods. With proper care and maintenance, you can easily decrease the etching and issue of discoloration that occurs from everyday wear and tear.

man polishing marble floor in modern office building

Regular Tips For Natural Stone Care and Maintenance

  1. Take a soft white, clean cloth or sponge and a dab of pH-neutral soap. You can also use dishwasher soap. Damp on the natural stone spot to be treated.
  2. Avoid using an abrasive cleanser or rough side of sponge as it may take off the sealant and cause damage to your stone’s surface over time.
  3. If your stone surface has soap scum and crusted-on food, then use a brush with soft bristles. Clean it in a circular direction to avoid scratching.
  4. After cleaning is over, remember to dry the surface with a soft towel or blow-dryer immediately to avoid spotting.
  5. Do not purchase or use cleaning products which are not formulated for natural stone. Also, ensure that while using glass cleaner to clean smudges over a marble vanity top do not get on the stone.
  6. Make a regular habit of dusting doormats and rugs so that minimum dirt is tracked while avoiding the scratching on stone floors.
  7. Whenever you are mopping natural stone flooring, clean all the abrasive particles. Also, ensure that you do not drag any of items across the floors while cleaning.

You have one advantage of working with natural stone that if it becomes damaged, it can be restored. Stone restoration usually costs less than replacement and also is less time-consuming. But, when is the perfect time to call natural stone restoration contractors? Here are a few signs which indicate the need for restoring your stone flooring.

  • Scratches, chips and seam repairs
  • Removal and replacement of caulk and grout
  • Soap scum removal
  • Dullness and discoloration from years of built-up residue
  • Etching
  • Surface Polishing

Looking For The Professional Natural Stone Restoration Contractors?

Natural stone care and maintenance is something which should become the regular ritual. Nothing can beat clean and shiny stone flooring in your home. In case, if you are experiencing any of the above signs, then it’s time to call Xtreme Cleaning for quality stone restoration and cleaning service.

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