Homeowners spend a lot of money on oriental rugs because it is a room statement piece. Oriental rugs can complement furniture, given the space character and some use to hide the floor if they have any damage on the floor.

It becomes a favorite talking point when guest notice and admire the artwork, which is hand-woven. It is a household item that should be treasured, maintained and treated with care.

However, caring for Oriental rug is easy to say but it is difficult task. They are huge and heavy to clean, and many people are not aware which products should be used. It is very important that the Oriental rug is cleaned properly. If it isn’t, the dirt and bacteria will continue to make their hub on the rug. Inappropriate cleaning practice can harm your rug and shorten its life span.
To get the most out of your oriental rug, clean smart by learning to avoid these five oriental rug cleaning mistakes.

Water is the most important part in cleaning process. Since Oriental rug are stain resistant, it is designed to resist liquids. This means ample water required to soak the fabric properly and adequately rinse the fibers.
What should you do: Take extra water when cleaning, and then keep your rug outside, so it dries out completely.

As there are pre-defined cleaning solutions and detergent for dark clothes, white clothes, silk, wool, and many more. There are special manufactured cleaning solutions for oriental rugs. If you attempt to clean these rugs with a cleaning solution, which is available at local super market, then it can ruin the colors and fiber of the rug.
What should you do: Buy cleaning solutions, which are designed especially for the oriental rugs, specifically that one which will prevent bleeding afterwards.

If once the dust and bacteria settles into an oriental rugs fiber, it becomes more difficult to get them out, similar to other carpet and fabrics. So hustle, never delay cleaning your rug. The oriental rugs left uncleaned for longer time are more likely to become damage and faded.
What should you do: If you notice a stain. Hustle and start cleaning.

People think they can do similar cleaning as the professional do, but they need to understand that professionals are equipped with high-end devices which are designed especially for such jobs, knowledge and experience in dealing with all types of oriental rugs. Additionally, professional rug cleaning services employ a thorough process and inspection to ensure your rug meets their high standards.
What should you do: Always opt professional rug cleaning services in the interval of 6 months or 1 year. Therefore, your rugs quality and color stays for longer time.

Deodorizing powders that are brought from the local market do not have anti-bacterial properties, nor do they have the ability to remove stains. Their purpose is only to remove odors. Using these type of powders to clean your rug is inadequate.
What should you do: Follow the four suggestion given above properly to clean your rug and you should not use deodorizing powders.

Keep your oriental rug well maintained and you will be able to enjoy its colors and character for long time.
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