Animals are considered the best companion and they also make our lives richer and more interesting. It does not matter what type of pet you have. It is all about gazing at them around the house, playing with the kids or cozying up to you. 

However, as all pet owners are aware that all the things they do are not adorable. Especially the mess they create on the carpet when you are not around. It does not matter how many times you tell them not to do or you give them training for it. An animal’s instincts to mark its territory will always be inherent and the carpet is one of those places where they love to do their business.  

You Should Take Pet Odor Seriously 

The poop or pee is more than its considered on your carpet. Health organizations have shown that pet’s poop carries germs that cause hookworms, tapeworms, parvo, giardiasis, cryptosporidiosis, and campylobacteriosis. Even if you remove the dirt from the location, still the germs are seated on the carpet. 

Animal pee is another thing entirely. The urine if your dog or cat contains ammonia, when inhaled can affect your lungs. If inhaled in large quantity it can cause your nose, throat, and lungs to feel as if they are flaming. Extreme exposure can cause skin and eye irritation and can even cause fainting. 

Now just think you are sitting on the same carpet playing with your children. How would you feel? 

Let’s consider your animal is housebroken and do the work in the right place, but this still doesn’t mean all is well. The maximum time they spend on the carpet the more chance the carpet starts smelling like them, and this is not good especially for visitors. You can also expect that carpet to be a trap for loose fur. 

You bathe your pets regularly; so, don’t you think you should also clean your carpet regularly? 

Carpet cleaning is not a piece of cake. Even Though some of them are very small but can be cumbersome and heavy to move around. The carpets which are huge are not easy to manage while cleaning, so they need professional assistance. Carpet is made up of tough fabrics so they can last up for years for using efficiently, so normal cleaning is necessary even they are used very less. 

There are many ways to clean a carpet, you just need to vacuum it and it’s done. Or you can sprinkle some powder that soaks up the dirt and then vacuums after it. Then there’s also a method of cleaning carpet using shampoo. 

We Can do it For You… 

Xtreme Carpet Cleaning has been serving clients in the San Marcos and nearby area and we are professionals when it comes to pet odor and stain removal. We know the best way to get rid of whatever your pet left behind so you don’t have to, and we guarantee we’re not going to do it the lazy way.

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