Pets are called “man’s best friend”. A pets owners know the importance of having pets at home but parallel he is also aware of the care taken after the pets. Pets are innocent they do not understand where to sit and where not if they are not trained properly. There are many problems that a house and their owner faces when they own a pet like hair on couch and carpets if pets are sick and may throw up or vomit.

The main problem is they leave their mark’s, let’s see what the marks look like:

FUR: Pets go through a shredding season in which they eliminate lots of hair from their body, hair shredding and their dander are allergens which can trigger asthma in people. Pets hairs can get collected in carpets, rugs, furniture etc.

OILS: A secretion of oil is done from the fur of pets and they ruin the flooring and upholstery. This can lead to very unpleasant smell and it becomes very hard to clean.

MALODOROUS: Have you visited someone’s house who has a dog at their home? Many pet owners do not realize that their abode has a smelly problem because of their pets. One who doesn’t visit you daily can easily smell these odor if proper care is not taken of a pet as well as your home.  At Xtreme cleaning, we can handle almost any pet odor and stain issues.

DIRT & STAINS: Pets roam around the house, you don’t even know which area they visit in your garden. They dig out the ground and play with muds in the garden roll on them and suddenly is someone calls them they rush into the house with their dirty paws which makes your home more dirty and messy. Foot traffic in the house is the main source for dirt to enter the house.

URINE STAIN & ODOR: The main cause of floor damage at pet owners house is the pet’s urine which may cause permanent damage. Which can also create a hub for bacterias and unhealthy environment. Urine contamination requires different cleaning techniques rather than ordinary cleaning. Quick action is to be taken as you see pets urine on carpet or floor because if it gets dry it will leave horrendous odor with stain. All in all, it will obliterate your carpet or rug in future. Not only your rug or carpet gets affected, upholstery also gets contaminated if proper cleaning is not done.