Flooring is the most important asset when you are planning build your dream home. It could be very difficult job for you to select a perfect tile for your home. Because textile industry has grow huge in a decade, there are variety of tiles available in the market. You can buy tiles look like concrete bricks, mud bricks, woods and many more that to in range of colors. That’s why I said you may find difficulty in selecting the tile for your dream home. Are you aware about types of flooring for home.

Here are the top five popular types of tile flooring that homeowners choose:

1. Ceramic tiles: Ceramic has a attractive look that the reason home owners love ceramic tiles. Ceramic is made from mixture of clay and minerals, and it fried at very high temperature to bring durable finish. Tiles can glazed that have glossy finish. The glaze achieved through a liquid glass coating.

Ceramic tile are affordable, but they are not the most scratch-resistant tile types. You should not use it for high-impact areas like an entrance way or kitchen. However, you could use it in a bedroom or a bathroom for a lovely look.

2. Cement tiles: Cement tiles has come up a lot in last decade, with ceramic tile taking on a beautiful, polished look. If you are not ok with concrete floors, you can install the cement tile, which has similar benefits. You have to pay more than ceramic tile, but its worthy; you will get a hardy floor that stand up like toughest thing ever. You need to be careful with harsh chemicals around the floors. So do not put them in bathrooms or kitchens where you might use bleach or other strong cleaners.

Approach a professional who has experience with cement tile. Cement is a new option for tile, so not every installers know how to handle it.

3. Stone: Nowadays it is possible to shape stones into tiles in the textile industry, including granite, slate and travertine. Stone has a sophistication to it that will elevate the look of your home. But for that sophistication you have to pay a good amount, – about on par with what you would pay for cement tile.

Stones can be ruined by prolonged exposure to water and to harsh cleansers when come in contact to it, so select the stone and install the tile carefully. Stick to the proper cleaning routine, such as damp mopping and sweeping.

4. Porcelain: Porcelain is ceramic, it’s fried at higher temperature so that it can be made more durable. Porcelain is not similar is porous as standard ceramic, so getting stains on it not easy and is not vulnerable to water damage. These properties make porcelain a best choice for kitchen, counter-top and bathroom floors.

5. Marble: Marble is also a type of stone, but has the higher quality than the given above. Marble are the luxurious tile option, which makes home look more impressive. It has a unique look and attracts the guest very easily.

On the other hand, you also have to take some precautions like you can’t leave water on it, can’t use harsh cleaners. You need to seal it regularly to protect it.

With so many great tile options, you can easily find something you will love for every room of your home. Then you can enjoy a beautiful new look and low maintenance (for most tile types).

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