Placing carpets on stairs is very common not just because of the clean and elegant look. Increased safety is also a primary benefit of carpeting on stairs, as well as the carpet’s ability to keep the sound of foot traffic minimal. Carpet on stairs receives a lot of foot traffic, though, and it takes a lot of work to try to keep your stairs clean. Cleaning a carpeted staircase be long and tedious so, it is vital to have professional carpet cleaning services. If you are confident in doing it your self then nothing to worry about, we have some sets of solution for you.

Here’s how you can clean the stairs yourself in between professional carpet cleaning schedules:

  • A rake is a perfect tool to get rid of debris and loosening up dirt. Be sure to include the edges and corners. To make your cleaning thorough and methodical, start from the top stair and continue cleaning downwards until you reach the last step.
  • An alternative to using a rake is a handheld vacuum or a vacuum that has a brush or hose attachment. This can be used to suck the surface dirt.
  • If you’re planning to apply carpet shampoo, use a scrub brush to clean gently. Follow the cleaning product’s directions for use and spot clean on a discreet area first. Concentration on areas that have been heavily soiled.
  • Once you have shampoo the carpet, make sure that you follow it up with a dry/wet vacuum so that all of the excess water will be removed. If a wet vacuum is not available, an absorbent towel will do. Make sure that each step is completely dry to stop mold and contaminants from living in your carpet and causing a problem later on.
  • Leave the stairs, giving them at least half a day to dry fully.
  • Then, vacuum the stairs again.

The stairs which are carpeted should be vacuumed every day or at least every other day. Especially if they get a lot of foot traffic so that dirt will not build up. This is to keep wear and tear from ruining your carpet. Although shampooing the carpet yourself is acceptable, it will never replace professional carpet cleaning. In fact, manufacturers also recommend professional cleaning to prolong the life of your carpet. When it’s time for your carpet to be cleaned or you need particularly difficult stains removed, call Xtreme Cleaning services.

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