Countdown for Christmas has begun and the end of the year is approaching. With our thoughts immediately turning to family celebrations, the second thought is about the house being ready for the guests. Hire carpet cleaners before hosting a Christmas party from Xtreme Carpet Cleaning company.

The carpets at home are prone to more foot traffic from your guests; stains from food and drinks; wax from candles and various other triggers which can make your new carpet look like an old foot mat.

Let Us Give Few Expert Tips for Your Carpets This Christmas:

Place Rugs In High Traffic Areas

Placing rugs in areas such as entrances to your home will protect it from unnecessary exposure which might harm it and decrease its lifespan.

Request The Guests To Remove Their Shoes When Entering The Home

Shoes carry dirt, debris, and grease in their soles. Having people remove their shoes before entering the home prevents the accumulation of debris in the fibers of the carpet.

Vacuum Before Hosting The Christmas Party

Removing the everyday dirt from the carpet before more dirt sets in due to high foot traffic is a great idea for all the people hosting holiday parties.

Attend The Stain Immediately

Blot the stains due to spills with lukewarm water and microfiber cloth immediately. This would prevent the stain from sinking in the carpet pad.

Vacuum Immediately

The food particles and drinks can turn into mold and bacteria if not cleaned from the carpet. The vacuum in various directions to remove all the unwanted substances from the carpet.

Don’t Panic

If you are unable to remove the stains and clean the carpet thoroughly, don’t panic. Professional carpet cleaners are available all across California and you just have to choose the right one.

Commercial carpet cleaning is the easiest way to get your carpets back in pristine condition. For the best carpet cleaning services and tips, call Xtreme Carpet Cleaning at 760-613-8546. Don’t forget the Christmas treat and make sure that you ask about our Christmas specials