Normal wear and tear can damage the look and finishes of the natural stone surface. Luckily, natural stone is durable so it can be brought back to normal with a professional stone restoration service. It helps you revive the worn stone – marble, travertine, granite, etc. to its original state it was installed. 

marble flooring

Hiring a professional restoration service for natural stone also allows you to entail altering the stone surface to match the desired finish. Like these, some other stone restoration facts will surely amaze you. Let us look! 

Top 4 Stone Restoration Facts 2019

  1. No dust

Stone restoration is a wet process. So, it involves no dust. Experts use the water to revive the original beauty of your natural stone surface. The professionals use plastic and blue painter’s tape to protect the siding and furniture items. 

  1. Stone shines itself.

Many people have a common myth that stone shines because of sealer applied to it. But the fact is that sealed only protects the stone surface and not add any shine or color to it. Most professionals use impregnator sealers to seal natural stone surfaces. 

  1. Stone polishing is possible.

If your stone flooring is not shining, then do not worry. Natural stone experts help you with honing and polishing services. From marble, travertine to limestone, professionals polished it all according to your needs. 

  1. Restoration is your safety net 

To save money and time replacing whole marble flooring, it is better to opt for professional restoration services. With no kind of damage, your floor can get back its original shiny look and feel. 

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Therefore Hiring Professional Service is important!


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