Many people love to have pets at home. Pets are truly the best, cat or dog. They are adorable and they are best human friends. Pets plays a vital role in one’s life. Especially to those who live alone. It is being prove, pets work as a stress buster. There are many advantages of having pets in the house. Dogs can keep away stranger from entering the house without permission, a best companion and many more. However, as every coin has other side, you might love them but you probably don’t love the layer of hair on your carpet or the strays that stick to your cloths and odor is also left behind in the house, sometimes vacuuming also doesn’t work because of the low energy product. To solve odor problem you can approach pet odor removal services by Xtreme Cleaning San Marcos.  We have few tips and tricks to remove pet hairs.


Plastic sticky tape


You might have some leftover sticky lying around since last passing birthday, or else you probably having a tape role at home. All you have to do is wrap it round your hand, sticky side out, and start dabbing the carpet until it can’t pick up any more hairs.

It might take more time to complete the whole house but could be handy if there is a certain spot, or rug, your dog or cat likes rolling on. Using a lint roller would do a similar job here, too. This type of cleaning is fun with no chance of accidents, so you can involve children’s, which make the work, complete faster and on the other hand children will have good fun time.

Pumice Stone

You might be thinking what the use of pumice stone in carpet cleaning is. Yes, it is very useful. Everyone has it lying in the bathroom. This time your pumice stone can used on hairy carpet. All you need to do is scrape the stone along the surface and the hair will emerge from the carpet and gather. Then grab your vacuum cleaner and vacuum it or grab the hairs and bin them.





Mop can do wonders on hard floors. It will attract and grab onto those stray hairs instead of using a vacuum where the hairs would fly in many directions.


If you can manage some extra time, you can cut some fresh grass and scatter the grass onto the hard floor. This acts in a same way as the mop. Therefore, it attracts those stray hairs. Then brush up all the hairs and grass, and throw it away. Alternatively, you can also make it useful, you could compost the grass and hair so that your garden can benefit from shedding pet in the future!



All type of rubber will work well. Rubber gloves, rubber brush, squeegee. All you need to do is just dampen your cleaning weapon before running it over the surface to attract the hair. Rubber gloves will give best results. Damp sponges work, too, but pet hair does not stick completely on the sponge. Whereas, the rubber gloves

you just need to rinse them and it is, ready for the second round!



Lint roller

Whenever you leave from home saying goodbye to your dog or cat, your cloth is full of dog and cat fur. Now what can you do to get rid of this? Investing in a lint roller is a key when you own a furry friend. It makes pet hair removal bit easier. You can keep it next to your door. Damp rubber gloves also works in a same way, but might take more time than lint roller.




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