Mold is the most common and serious issue for homes and buildings, especially if mold growth goes undetected. The reason behind mold growth is excess moisture. Molds can grow anywhere, including basement, closet, dry walls, the area inside walls, and even on ceilings tiles. 

Most people only focus on its appearance and smell, but human exposure to high-level molds can trigger allergic reactions and respiration issues. As we know mold cannot be eradicated completely and can be expensive to fix, the best way is to prevent mold before it becomes a huge problem. So how to stop mold from growing? 

The best and only way to prevent mold is – moisture control. Mold cannot grow without moisture.

Mold Issues on wall

Three Surefire Ways to Control The Moisture Level Indoors:

  1. Deal with the wet areas and repairs in appropriate away

  • If you discover a pipe leak, fix the problem as soon as possible
  • Make sure you damp the spots within 48 hours
  • Repair and clean all the gutter roofs (Mold can originate from a leaky roof or damaged gutters)
  1. Place mold-resistant products in your home

  • Keep moisture-generating appliances, such as dryers wherever possible. 
  • Mold resistance products include mold-resistant drywall and for paints and sheetrock – mold inhibitors. 
  • Always keep an eye on plants: Mold tends to breed well in soil. 
  • Additionally, to prevent mold, you can add Taheebo tea in the water that you use for the plant. 
  1. Monitor the HVAC systems in the home

  • Make sure the HVAC drip pans are clean, flowing properly, and unobstructed. 
  • Humidity levels
    1. Make sure you maintain a low indoor humidity level. The level should be below 60% RH (the perfect level is between 30% to 50% RH)

    2. Usually, the signs of higher humidity level include condensation on pipes, windows, and walls
  • Ventilation 
    1. Increase ventilation (in case the air is cold or dry outside) or dehumidify (if the air is warm and humid outside) to reduce the moisture level.

    2. You can increase air circulation by opening doors between the rooms. Moreover, slightly move furniture away from the walls and open the closet doors.
  • Heating
    1. You can increase the surface temperature or reduces the humidity level to prevent moisture from condensing.2. Have proper knowledge about the current region climate so you can respond accordingly.

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