We all love our pets and they become an important part of our lives. But sometimes it becomes very difficult to make your looks clean and beautiful because of pet accidents. Most importantly if your carpet gets urinated by your pet. Then it needs instant action to remove pet stains and odors action else it will affect your property and can cause embarrassing odors.

Following are the ways which would be beneficiary for you, if your carpet or upholstery gets urinated by your pet.

Soak the Affected Area:

You need to soak up the affected area immediately so do one thing apply a thick layer of newspaper or can use a thick towel to absorb it. Repeat the same procedure until that area is barely damp.

You need to clean the affected area thoroughly to prevent this kind of accidents in the future. Hence pet remembers the smell and targets the same area for next time, no matter how many times you said not to do that.

Now after the area becomes dry completely rinse that zone with clean and cool water and let it dry.

So, now you are well aware of how to deal with the stains, but what about odors?

Don’t worry we have a solution which is baking soda. Hence, it has a great property that deodorizes the smell of urine. You just need to sprinkle the soda on carpet or furniture and let it set for 15 to 30 minutes. Which is vital to let it absorb all the odors from your property. Now, just vacuum it carefully and you are done with your pet odor removal task.

Further, there is another solution available to deal with a pet odor which is a mixture of vinegar and water. You just need to pour vinegar and water into the spray bottle and spray it on your carpet then dab a towel on to it to blot the solution until the area becomes dry.

So, we hope above-mentioned tips to remove pet stains and odors can help you to keep your home look and smell fresh and save it from cat and dog urine odors and the stain will help you well. If not then call Xtreme Cleaning at 760-613-8546 to hire professional pet odor removal services and experience the best Pet Odor Removal services at best price.