The rugs are seen as one of the most stylish elements in your home. But it gets covered with dirt and stains because of daily foot traffic. Rugs placed in high-traffic areas are advised to clean in a professional way at least once per year.

Mainly, every rug cleaning service is charged per square foot instead of an hourly cleaning charge. However, there are many other factors on which it varies the cost for rug cleaning. So, learn here the main 4 factors affecting rug cleaning cost.

4 Factors That Affect The Cost For Rug Cleaning

1. Size of rug

Rug cleaning cost depends on the size of your rug. Normally, the cost per square foot is $2-$5. This means if your rug is of standard size 8’x10’, then it would cost around $160 to $400 for cleaning. 

2. Depends on rug material

If your rug is of synthetic material, then it will be less expensive. But, if you have natural fiber rugs like wool and silk, then it becomes more expensive as it needs a special cleaning process. And so its cost increases by 20%. If your rug is quite older and needs a special treatment while cleaning, then the cost increases by 35%.

3. Cleaning Method

Mostly, rug cleaners start with vacuuming and steam cleaning, which absorbs the dirt and grime of the rug easily. In such a cleaning method, professionals use chemicals with a small amount of water in it. If the rug cleaning process needs more solvents, the standard method costs surround $2 – $5. But, if they use manpower and energy to clean the rug with their hands then it increases the cost by $4 – $8.

4. Enhancement and improvement costs

If the rug contains a stain and pet odor, many cleaners also offer spot cleaning services before. The cost for rug cleaning in that specific area ranges from $1 – $3 per square foot. However, many cleaners provide pickup and delivery for rug cleaning services with charge $25 – $50.

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